Born An Alpha… The Beginning

The seeds were sown in 2016 when six young and brilliant educators converged their passion for providing children and young
adults with quality education. During their years of teaching experience, it was readily apparent to them that the instructional
model being used and the facilities being provided to the students — the same model found in most schools and colleges across
the country — were not coming close to meeting the students’ needs. As a result of that experience, they vowed to initialize an
educational system that would help them identify and apply the most effective, research-based practices for teaching and learning,
to bring about a revolution in the education industry. And that is just what they did!

Propelled by their vision as well as the hard
work, energy, passion, and expertise of a core of passionate and gifted individuals, the six directors founded Alpha college in 2016.


Where We All Came Together…

Alpha College, the small but beautifully modern building at 33 D block 6 PECHS was our parent branch from where our fabulous journey kick-started.  The college was grounded in building students’ confidence and competence by teaching them a wide variety of thinking strategies and executive functioning skills. In addition, it was recognized that helping students who had struggled required more than just academic strategies, it required instruction and support related to emotional issues too.
Students responded well to the program and the school expanded rapidly. Within a year, the school was relocated to cater to the needs of the increasing number of students. A new, artistically modern, state of the art college building was opened for A-Level students in 2018. With tech-enabled classrooms and labs, and extensive co-curricular support systems. The campus showcased modern facilities such as a gymnasium, a library and well-stocked labs, an auditorium, and an excellent playing field.
To house the vast number of applicants that is progressively increasing every year, Alpha College is proudly opening its gates to an aesthetically pleasing, futuristically modern and technologically up-to-date, 4000 square yards-sized building in August 2020 which is the biggest A-Level facility in town.

A Higher Ambition…

As college moved to a new location in 2018, Alpha expanded its vision to initialize Alpha High School for students in grades 6 to O levels, in the same 1000 yards building. Alpha High School was conceptualized and run with the same basic intention of providing students with quality education and leading-edge infrastructure.
With time, several prominent educationists joined the Alpha Education Network and built on the successful instructional and institutional frameworks in place by adding significant new elements to the school’s leadership design, instructional practices, and infrastructure. Related to instruction alone, among other actions, they initiated a strong emphasis on technology and design thinking, mindfulness practices, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. The emphasis on technology and design thinking is what sets us apart from our competitors and makes our system exclusive.

Reaching the Stars…

Later in the same year,  Alpha achieved another benchmark with the initiation of The Aster School which opened its doors in December 2018. 2000 square yards of the stunningly beautiful and modern building with the most recent facilities and pedagogical resources provide early years education to children beginning from 1.5 years of age. As it started to function, children soon showed great interest in engaging in hands-on learning experiences, working with puzzles, learning to prepare meals and clean their environment etc. The children exhibited calm, peaceful behavior, periods of deep concentration, and a sense of order in caring for their environment.
Utilizing scientific observation and experience gained from their earlier studies, the masterminds behind The Aster School designed unique learning materials, individualized curricula and created a classroom environment that fostered the children’s natural desire to learn.

True to the Core…

In 2019, Alpha Education Network originated Alpha Core School for students in grades 2 to 9. Alpha Core is a brand-new concept in teaching and learning, where the aim is to focus on building skills, nurturing talents and modifying mindsets. The state-of-the-art infrastructure of the 2000 square yards building and the promise of the ever-available high-tech teaching resource is what sets Alpha Core apart. The beautifully designed exterior and a focus on student-centered teaching makes children fall in love with the concept of Alpha Core.
Based on the 21st century competency framework, Alpha Core has been designed to provide our students with the most relevant and latest learning facilities. As we use the growth mindset model, we inculcate in our children the thirst for knowledge, the confidence in their abilities, the opportunities to practice intellectual curiosity and creative independence, concern and respect for others as well as their own selves and a general appreciation and tolerance for the different strata of the society, while being focused on producing academic excellence.

Exclusively Girls…

2020 saw Alpha Education Network initiate Alpha Girls School, a uniquely independent and contemporary all-girls campus to provide to the needs of young girls who aim high. With the promise of excellence and modernization that is the benchmark of Alpha, AGS is ready to set new standards surpassing every other girls’ school in town.
While Alpha has continued to grow and change over the past years, what has not changed is the enthusiasm for teaching and the commitment to quality and innovation. That enthusiasm includes an enduring interest in sharing new instructional ideas and adapting to the dynamic teaching landscape of recent times. We are united with a common purpose: to make the world a better place through kindness, gratitude and tolerance instilled in our children, who will serve as the leaders of tomorrow.